My journey in pain

The stripping away of everything you hold dear

The dark world i found myself in while looking for the light.

Im a mother to an 8 year old who has recently been taken away from my care after raising her for full eight years of her life.

The future of my decedents lies in my hands

As a mother you do everything in your power to protect the precious life of your child as soon as they arrive in this world. Nothing is as heart breaking as seeing that precious life being destroyed.

Pamela Stephenson

”So many people suffer from abuse, and suffer alone.” 

I have been one of those who have suffered in silence, but any form of abuse prospers in silence and knows no bounderies, weather its in a home, work, systematic or external environment you live in. Please follow my blog where i share diverse topics ill be exploring, some being of my experiences and why i stod up as a mother and designated protector to the life i brought into this world.