This is article has been in the making for the longest time after spending hundreds if not thousands of hours on this topic, but somehow lacked true aligned inspiration to start writing in this blog. On the 11.11.2022, i came across an article titled "how FCC Shields Cell phone Companies from Safety Concerns, released via PROPUBLICA (1). Its author detailed the FCC`s continued coverup of the health effects of the rapidly growing wireless radiation, on the world population. 


"The Federal Commnications Commision, which has responsibility for protecting Americans from potential radiation hazards generated by wireless transmitters and cell phones, has repeatedly sided with the telecom industry in denying the possibility of virtually any human harm."  

One may wonder why i will write an article about an entity that is in a country or continent i have never been to, nor have i resided, and my answer will be that, they are the leading voice in regulation, where this industry is concerned, in what we call the democratic world. They also happen to be located where the market leading conglomerates and giants of the cell phone industry are located, and therefore they in essence set the tone in similar regulatory organisations in the rest world, on how this issue is approached and treated. Therefore, their denials and coverups trickles to the rest of the world where these products usage has reach, it is also where the some of the impact of their coverups is felt.  

So, their stance on this issue matters a great deal, as subsequently their narrative gets repeated throughout the world. Moreover, as a leading regulatory voice, one will assume they work in close-cooperation with the health authorities and institutions of research regarding this issue, who we can all assume are well aware of the harmful effects of radio frequency radiation (2) emitted by the mobile phone industry and its effects on human health.  

Radiation of almost any form emitted from cell phones, cell towers and smart meters seems to be a thing of no concern to the governments who are in full support of pioneering businesses in these developments, including the roll out of the untested 5G effects, despite many warnings from the scientific communities. Technologies like smart meters (3) have been adopted rapidly in the developed world, with some countries even refusing to give homeowners options to opt out of these, despite full knowledge available on their potential detrimental effect on the human body. The common argument used is that these are below the safety concerns, with the current determined levels deemed “safe”. Most of these safety measurements are outdated limits that were done long ago, in some cases before the advanced stage of the current technological advancement that we are in and even prior to the era of smartphones and devices. There has been subsequent work that have come to challenge the claim of the FCC standards (4), that have demonstrated that a wide array of effects can occur below these standards, demonstrating clear carcinogenic effects. 

We now live surrounded by a soup of emissions from all kinds of devices around us, surely common sense in all of us will dictate to us that our environment has also changed, especially with the constant upgrading of the strength/speed of the internet that we utilise. Yet this is the most ignored topic and attention is focused in “climate change” and attributing the platoon of raising diseases statistics away to every possible cause than this, despite available proven facts.  

“Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) interfere with the flow of electrons in our nerves, our brains, and our hearts’ pacemakers. This is responsible for the recent huge increases in the prevalence of neurological diseases such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and autism, and the large increase in the incidence of heart attacks in young people. EMFs interfere with the flow of electrons from the food we eat to the oxygen we breathe, which occurs day and night in the mitochondria of every cell in order to make the energy necessary for life.”

(The Cellphone Taskforce, 2022) (5) 

Some of those whose, health has been evidently harmed by wireless radiation, have been dragged to psychiatric wards to silence them, courts to prove their cases in costly lawsuits that are a guaranteed loss in most cases, considering the powers that they are going against and the huge financial costs(6) of going against these institutions, and the evident systematic support they are afforded. It is unfortunate for the general public to find that the FCC as a publicly funded organisation, that should first and foremost be an entity that serves the public and safeguard the interest of the people, is the very organ that hides these atrocities by multinationals on human beings as it is alleged. 

Long History of Warnings, ignored 

The effects and harm of exposure to radio frequency radiation (RF), has long been scientifically proven, from as early as the soviet days and even prior to that. This simply means that the knowledge on the dangers Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and RF and even their potential uses as a weaponary means has been around for some time. In the early days of the rolling out of the cell phone technologies (beginning of the 90`s), alarms regarding their safety were sounded and ignored by those who had the power to address the issue in its infancy (The Nation) (7). Prior to the ongoing massive rollout of 5G, hundreds of scientists petitioned the UN (8) with warnings about the potential risks that was being rolled out into the world population, and regarding the eminent health effects to be anticipated with the massive roll out of 5G.  And like those that warned at the beginning, they were equally ignored. 

Despite the silence from the government side, the alarms do not cease to ring, with the most recent collective alarm of note being a letter sent to COP 27 (A climate change gathering) on the 3rd November 2022: A blind spot must be filled (9). In it the scientist argues governments and overall state entities to give the issue of radiation the argent attention that it needs, and goes into clear detail of the grave harm and diseases that manifests due to excessive exposure to the increasing constant exposure.  

The hundreds of hours that I have emersed in this issue due to personal health reasons and those of my child, brought me to the conclusion that, the FCC is not alone in this, as many other countries and organisations, including the world health organisation, has continued to ignore this topic as a case of concern (The WHO coverup that is costing us the earth) (10), though in 2011, the World Health Organization’s, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC(IARC) (11), classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as “possibly carcinogenic” in humans, the agency refrained from drawing conclusions about any cancers other than brain cancer (Children Health Defence) (12). This is despite the rapid increase in childhood cancers of a wide spectrum including Brain, kidney, liver, thyroid Leukemia. One common phenomenon with this increase in childhood cancer cases is the increase in the proportions of the environmental radiation. Over and above the age group of children, an additional group that has experienced dramatic increases in cancer is the age group of adults below 50, which has brought to the table the question as to whether this is an emerging global epidemic whether this is an emerging global epidemic (13).  Specifically, an increase in generational risk from colon and rectal cancer (14) in Recent Birth Cohorts under Age 40, due to radio frequency radiation from cellphones was identified. A group that was previously not deemed to be at risk is now joining the group of at risk. 

Moreover, A lack of international and national policies (15) to protect persons with self-declared electromagnetic hypersensitivity or microwave sickness further solidifies the argument of lack of attention to this topic and to those affected, to a point where this debilitating disorder is not a recognised diagnosis. Some well versed in this topic/issue describe it as such a taboo that if you take on this indiustry, you also take on the government (16) and that even medical Dr`s are afraid to diagnose microwave sickness (17) in their patients, as they risk loosing their licences, as the healthcare system is mostly government controlled. 

The Channel of harm 

Many biologists and electromagnetic field scientists believe the modulation of wireless devices makes the energy more biologically active, (18) which interferes with our cellular mechanisms, opening up calcium channels, for example, and allowing calcium to flow into the cell and into the mitochondria within the cell, interfering with our natural cellular processes and leading to the creation of stress proteins and free radicals and, possibly, DNA damage. And, in other cases, it may lead to cell death. So, in a way the activation of access calcium is the beginning of a spiral of various biological alterations within the body.  

EMF and RF have been proven to cause calcium activation (19), and an elevation in nitric oxide increase a process which initiates the process of fibreblast and excessive bone growth. 

Below are just some of the proven effects caused by EMF.  

1) Various neurological/neuropsychiatric effects, including changes in brain structure and function, changes in various types of psychological responses and changes in behaviour. 

2) At least eight different endocrine (hormonal) effects.  

3) Cardiac effects influencing the electrical control of the heart, including changes in ECGs, producing arrhythmias, changes that can be life threatening.  

4) Chromosome breaks and other changes in chromosome structure. 

5) Histological changes in the testes.  

6) Cell death (what is now called apoptosis, a process important in neurodegenerative diseases). Since 1971 many other effects of such EMFs must be added to that list:  

7) Lowered male fertility including lowered sperm quality and function and also lowered female fertility (less studied).  

8) Oxidative stress.  

9) Changes in calcium fluxes and calcium signaling.  

10) Cellular DNA damage including single strand breaks and double strand breaks in cellular DNA and also 8-OHdG in cellular DNA.  

11) Cancer which is likely to involve these DNA changes but also increased rates of tumor promotion-like events.  

12) Therapeutic effects including stimulation of bone growth.  

13) Cataract formation (previously thought to be thermal, now known not to be).  

14) Breakdown of the bloodbrain barrier.  

15) Melatonin depletion and sleep disruption  

(List Sourced from Manhattan Neighbours for Safer Manhattan Neighbours for Safer Telecommunications (20)) 

Additionally recent studies have come out on hypersensetivity discovered on people residing next to mobile base stations, (21) where overall results of this review show three types of effects by base station antennas on the health of people: radiofrequency sickness (RS), cancer (C) and changes in biochemical parameters (CBP). 

“The pandemic within a pandemic: Low levels plasma 25 (OH)D world-wide" 

(Self Observation) 

Over and above the mentioned aspects, radiotherapy changes the composition of the gut microbiota, which in turn influence the serum level of vitamin D (22)and its distribution and metabolism in the body. It is also said to be essential for the absorption of other trace elements into the body. Vitamin D deficiency (23), is defined by low levels of serum 25(OH)D, is currently widespread throughout the world irrespective of age, gender, country of origin, latitude of residence, or dietary practices. It is now at a stage of being regarded as a pandemic. One can not ignore the correlation of the declining rates of vitamin D to the rapidly increasing EMF/RF smog. Low levels of vitamin D suscepts us to opportunistic respiratory diseases, and Low plasma 25(OH) vitamin D level, has shown correlation or associated with increased risk of COVID-19 infection Covid-19 infection (24) and other opportunistic respiratory diseases. It is also associated with high mortality rate on those diagnosed with Covid-19 (25), vitamin D deficiency is common in cancer patients, which subsequently, is likely to develop after chronic exposure to prolonged Radio Frequency which subsequently leads to oxidative stresses and strain on the human cells and DNA, creating tumour nests. 

In a way, it is a catch 22 situation where the topic of radiation is treated as a taboo, and the mobile industry is given a free pass, while the harm of their products are hidden and great inhumane tactics are ready to be deployed on those who raise their voices. All this while the pharmaceutical industry exploits profits on unsuspecting humanity with diagnosis dished out and medicated away, and not addressing the root environmental causes to most of these diseases. On the other hand, as this happens, the tech industry (main source of radiation), is dictating what information the general public can get while we are locked up in various platforms consuming information as they deem fit, with no avenues to have descenerning voices due to instilled fear and sensorship of those who dare ask questions. by default we are locked up do not even realise it, with no where to voice our injustices.

Hospitals are filled with people suffering from all kinds of chronic diseases of madeup diagnosis that if in truth we looked further and explored, we could find a pattern there in the symptoms. It has been recently reported that the global sperm count is declining and may have gone down as much as 50% the past 50 years (CNN) (26). Several factors were brought forwardin this article for discussion as probable causes, or contributors to this decline, and the radiation issue is nowhere mentioned. This is despite serveral existing studies that have linked cellphone use and radiation cellphone use and radiation (27) to the decline and damage in male reproductive health. This brings to question, why it will not be brought in as a potential cause of reproductive decline? It has been proven to cause oxidative stress which can cause DNA damage to male sperm and lead to different pathologies including tumors.This kind of information should be transparently communicated to consumers via those that diseminate information to us.  

Psychiatric hospitals are filled with people who are locked up, after having presented with symptoms that are very much similar to EMF and RF sicknesses, some of which are inturn classified as neuro psychiatric. Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been proven to cause/produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects (28) ranging from among the more commonly reported changes are sleep disturbance/insomnia, headache, depression/depressive symptoms, fatigue/tiredness, dysesthesia, concentration/attention dysfunction, memory changes, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite/body weight, restlessness/anxiety, nausea, skin burning/tingling/dermographism and EEG changes.  

As many nations do not want to even admit this as a diagnostic cause, these people are diagnosed with psychiatric disorders that do not even match their symptoms in some cases and stamped with labels, as psychiatry is one of the fields where diagnosis can be made up and labels put on people, not necessarily with any scientific prove in some cases. You come with symptoms of electro hypersensitivity, you are automatically fitting into the box of symptoms of schizophrenia, you are paranoid, psychosomatic and imagining things. The hope is that some change will one day come, as more light is being shed into this field, and maybe it is here as a recent development has come about presenting  electro hypersensetivity as a newly identified and characterised neurologic phathological disorder (29). 

This is but an article, it by no means mean that it will be considered by those in positions of power to give it attention. 

Twisted Maze of Ownership Structures 

Exploring this issue as i have has been like a journey in a maze. The absolute irony of it all is that the very multinationals whose interests the FCC and similar agencies around the world are protecting within the high-tech industry, are now the leading voices in our public health issues and solutions. They come in as philanthropists promoting and "funding" health interventions, keeping our attentions on the next vaccines they are "funding" and the next explorations to the moon and Mars. Most of us will be dead by the time any of us can even afford a ticket to space if things continue as they are. In some cases the same groups of companies that are massively behind this industry silently have large stakes in the pharmaceutical industry, and media. This will then explain the often silence of this issue from outlets that should be informing us on it as a subject of concern. 

And like the maze of confusion, we are in, researches (30) in these topics are funded by organisations with huge stakes in the telecom industry as “philanthropy”. This on its own should be a red flag in the integrity of the research before it starts. The same philanthropists are at the forefront funding vaccine programmes(31) of vaccines that the public and some legislators do not have full knowledge of the entire contracts and contents of the products they are promoting to the public. All this, while the real elephant of radiation emitted by their industry is hidden in plain sight.

Where does the Power lie?   Ive found myself with more questions than answers in trying to understand why this issue is treated as such a taboo, such as: Are these industries so powerful that those elected to the positions where the public expects them to act as our protectors, end up joining in the denial, and information withdrawal from the whole world, all in the name of prioritising profits over peoples health (32). In that case, one can ask, where does the power lie because when the masses cast their votes, they vote to empower those they choose to represent them and their interests, not shadow commercial decision makers whose interests are not aligned with those of the voters. 

This brings to question, is the power now in the multinationals who have made themselves the "kings" of this world? I say kings as it is evident, that they yield a vast amount of power, to a point that the democratic ideals and principles of our societies are overridden to continue the inflation of their wealth, at the expense of our children, our children's futures, and the futures of the generations to come, who will subsequently be affected. They will be born to our children whose DNA has been assaulted and potentially altered, either through the increasing soup of radiation we live in or the constant vaccines proposed to deal with "viruses" and diseases whose underlying causes are not addressed transparently, nor are we as the public privy to full information of what is inside the vaccines that are being enforced on the public (33).  

How are we expected to raise honest kids, when the actions of the societies that govern us are not founded on the same principles and transparency, to a point of something as fundamentally basic as the health of human beings not transparently communicated to them, and instead fear and intimidation employed when you have a sick child, who is being taken away to be raised in a life of dishonesty about her health. Someone once said, our genetic code is sacred, it should stay that way (34) and we should defend it. I could not agree more, It is what defines us and our differences as human beings and at the same time what connects us, for who are we without this? 

How do we expect to build a society of honesty when the integrity of our health is compromised, and people die with discrepancies as to what happened to them.  

Does the public really know the extent of the harm and coverup, in the protection of the radiation issue emitted by this industry? I think the question that we should all be asking ourselves is, what extent are those who stand to benefit on the sale of these products willing to go, to push for the growth of their markets and their agendas of how they want this world to be. Moreover, what legths will they go to make sure they shut everyone who is harmed and bravely tries to stand-up for themselves and their children, what extent are those who are fully aware of this, willing to go to continue the cover up without compromising the core of what makes us healthy sovereign human beings, with the right to living in healthy environments, with no compromise to the integrity of our bodies DNA, violating the autonomy of our bodies, which is the core of what makes us who we are as human beings. 

Our DNA is the integral part of who we are as human beings. It is what connects us to our roots and to the genesis of every life, which is family. We need to guard this part of ourselves jealously as human beings, otherwise who are we really if we allow ourselves to be reduced to a pattern of clones and our sacred identity striped from us?   

In trying to answer some of these questions

When I first started this blog, I stood up with the claim that we were affected by radiation, I still stand by my claims, that can also be backed by blood results from myside during the period when the exposure was continuing to happen without us realising the extent of the danger we were in, to the subsequent period when my child was taken in critically ill and we were left with injuries and visible burn marks and a wide array of radiation sickness symptoms

With the experience i have lived in the past two years, I can say they can go to every extent, including eventually taking your sick child away from you to hide the truth and making up deception to take you to court to defend yourself while you are also sick, and you are constantly attacked to manipulate your blood readings. All this done while you are being told you imagining things, and even trying on framing you for your sickness and possibly that of the child, just in-case you die in the process while they are still inflicting cruelty on you. 

They can go to a point of refusing, you access into your childs medical records, while you are taken on a painful whirlwind of intimidation, decieved and terrorised from even talking about a person who died under questionable conditions, who presented the same symptops as you prior to their demise, and no postmortem documentation produced, only word of mouth that change with the seasons. To the point of persecuting a dead person and using them in countless changing narratives, that change according to the current situation on the ground.  

As a mother, it will be wrong in every way for me to give into the intimidations, and the horrors that have been directed to me at the expense of the life I brought into this world. It is my number one task to stand up for her until an age when she can do the same for herself. It is also my duty as a human being to stand for the one who is not here to speak for themselves, when i have doubts regarding the circumstances of his death. In a fair and just world, i shold not be intimidated in a corner by those i am supposed to have trust in regarding this.  

At the hight of my childs illness while the child welfare office was doing everything to keep me away from her, the only thing I was being told was that there was nothing wrong with the child, she only had RSV Virus, at the time, i had never heard of RSV virus. They were saying this despite the fact that the child had also been found with a tumour in the same spot that I as her mother had presented with burn marks, rapid heart beats (35) and ill later find out structural scoliosis on myself in the same sport my childs tumor was (who had a wide array of other symptoms, similar to mine), and the dead man had been reported to have had cancer on, at the verbal postmortem after his death, described on the same spot.I should mention he had previously had cancer before, but at the time of his death he was supposedly in remission. This is the same virus (36) that is now filling up hospitals with children the world over, and there is talks of a new "vaccine" in the pipeline, and with one proposed for adults. It is also the leading cause of hospitalisations in children under 6 months with high mortality rate within this age group. 

The time that I will later realise was the period of irradiation, targetted radiation, I was rigourously supplementing with Vitamin D as I had been adviced, but despite my efforts, it was it was trending on the lower end. Unfortunately, unlike me, my little girl and my deceased partner were not in the regimen of high dose in supplementation of vitamin D (37). By the time we got sick, we were discovered with bone structural deformities, hers with significantly more damage than mine. It has been reported that taking sufficient vitamin D during irradiation, is important to prevent skeletal and non-skeletal diseases and that when vitamin D used in combination with radiotherapy (RT), it decreases the toxicity due to radio therapy (38).  

By virtue, I am mother not only to my child, but to every child with the potential to be harmed as mine was. It is the reason i have fought with all my might to survive this and share it. With all the denials that have been made against the harm of radiation, we came out with classic symptoms of just that, and I have been fearful of my life since, as all kinds of horror was unleashed on me for still being being alive.  

Fortunately, at the height of the maze and confussion, and being thrown from corner to corner, I managed to convince one of the nurses during my childs hospital stay to print out her blood results. I did this out of desperation, with the claim that the Dr who attended her had instructed she does this request for me. Had I not done this behind the scenes, I will have never known anything beyond being told of a virus and that the child is fine, as by then, the child welfare was compiling an airtight case build on the most shocking ways and dubius methods, in order to take this to court to take the child from me and my rights as a parent. This in essence will make sure I never get to have access into my childs health status.  

Up to today, I am still being denied the right to access my own childs online medical journal, a right afforded to everyone within that hospital.  (39). I have written and complained to the hospital, no answer has come, this is after endless deception on my phones when I call and tried to get this information, given all kinds of excuses from the fact that they do offer the service of online journal e.t.c. I have taken this with the organisation for health overseers, no one has any solution for me nor shown interest to assist in this. Infact the last time I went there, I was told the person I went there to see was unavailable on two occasions. She never bothered to call me back. I have tried to submit complaints on my health portal, I am not allowed to do that, as my health portal is externally controlled as to the action I can take, what information I can see and cannot see. This here is a story on its own.   

In conclussion, it is an established fact that RF posses serious harm to the human body, and that despite troves of knowledge and prove in research, the Federal radio frequency exposure limits ignore the preponderance of peer-reviewed studies that has found harmful bio-effects from exposure to non-thermal levels of cell phone radiation exposure to non-thermal levels of cell phone radiation (40), is beyound comprehension. 

If the state institutions that are supposed to be serving the public, are the very places that hide the harm caused by this industry, then why do we have governmental organisations like the FCC and others that operate under the same mandate in different parts of the world? This then brings to question the purpose of governments, are governments not elected to be at service of the people. How does safe-guarding the profits and wealth of a few at the top of the food chain serve us as humanity. This is an issue that should not be assessed on the surface as it has far reaching consequences that if we look into closely into it, especially on our welfare and our health and the health of our children. 

As if to put salt in an open wound, on the flip side of this coin still on the topic of radiation, is the topic of directed energy weapons which have caught the media attention the past few years, where it is alleged that these radio frequency weapons (41) used by governments on their adversaries and sometimes even on their own citizens. So clearly the effects of radiation on the human body is known, and recognised as a weapon. When its diplomats affected, the effect of injuries incurred gets treated with care and sensitivity and the public is treated to theatrics of who could have done it and how no one knows how this comes about, and it gets a name (Havanna Syndrome). (42) When an ordinary person is affected, they are having psychosomatic symptoms, imagining things and plainly ignored as a tin foil head and left for dead.  

In my case they party that is being protected is Apple Inc and NSO, together with all the wrong doers who preceded them. This is how hell started in our lives. This is the same Apple that was last year announcing how they are now opening up backdoors into our childrens phones. It was just a formality of an announcement; we were harmed way before that.No one asked them about the dangers of doing so on the health of our children, we just have to realise it was never about the children. By allowing that we allowed so many dangers in their lives and ours. You have invited an unwanted houseguest that can harm and do anything they please with you, talking about it is a death sentence to you and no one will be coming for you while all kinds of Mafia tacktics are employed to destroy you, delete evidence, the list of the horrors is too much!!!!.

As they fast-tracked that project, I as a mother to a child was fighting for my life and sounding countless alarms for the life of my child, while the child welfare was terrorising me to hide this ill, and workig endlessly to secure me as a crazy person. It is a hell that you wouldnt wish on anyone, as evidence is deleted, your space invaded and all kinds of things you can only imagine to come out of a mafia sitcom.

In the end, our life is destroyed, we were left sick and I will bravely leave this here, treated without our consent, while it is being claimed I am imagining things.

The elephant in all the 4 corners of the world is Radiation!!!!! 

My next article will come out before christmas, tittled: The Path to Induced Sickness (Radiation, Heavy Metals, a Dead Man, psychiatry and the Unforeseen Child).  


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