The recent revelations about the Apple´s suspension of their iPhone 12 sales in France due to their product´s emission of high levels of radiations (1), and the accusations levelled against them for instructing their employees (2) not to say anything about this recall or suspension is issue that have come as non-surprise to me and I guess anyone who have ever had serious issues about their products potential harm. I say no surprise as the cell phone industry as a whole has been long regarded and said as a non-accountable industry, where those who sign the checks, run the show (3),  and profits are at the forefront of the business, this despite the platoon of proven research (4) that has come to show the harmful effects of Radio Frequency Radiation (RF), that has gone largely ignored in favour of profits.


With all the evidence of effects of potential harm that RF can cause, the World Health Organisation (WHO) still maintains their stance of no evidence that mobile phones can cause any harm to human health. This is according to their website that still stands on this stance from 2014 (5) today in 2023. Despite credible researchers who have come to dispute this fact (6) of “no possible harm proven” from cell phones prior to this date (7) (Henry Lai, DNA paper) and subsequent others thereafter, this is the stance they still maintain. They have ignored appeals by scientists (8) who have extensively researched in this field regarding this issue of RF, to a point where one will come to wonder if this is an intentionally ignored field of research by WHO. Over and above the WHO´s denial of the harms caused by RF from mobile phones, and other public organs, some have come to the question if the EU is prioritising profits over lives (9), as they have also come under scrutiny over their ignoring the harms caused by the industry of mobile phones and RF in general.


This recall in the French market of the iPhone 12 is now regarded as having potential repercussions for the whole of Europe (10) according to the German watchdog, who have now been joined by Italy and Spain (11), who are said to be monitoring the situation, and rightfully so, this after Apple contested the French findings (12). One day later after these concerns were raised, Apple followed suite to announce that it will be doing updates on its iPhone 12 in the French Market (13). It is only the French market mentioned here in these upcoming planned updates, though these products are used by consumers the world over. Me thinks that any potential harm that the French citizens could be exposed to, is a potential harm to everyone else on this planet and should be treated as such.


One will think that this is the critical time for this multibillion-dollar company to be standing up for its customers that they have made billions of dollars from, not contest but get to the bottom of the issue for the sake of the safety of their customers. Since their first launch in the smart phone market with the iPhone in 2007, over the 16 years that followed, Apple has sold more than 2.3 billion iPhones, making it one of the most successful and profitable products of all time(14). This is one company that has been successful in building customer loyalty over the span of many years on their different products, from smart phones, tablets, stationary computers and many other gadgets. An interesting observation from this latest occurrence has been the evident varying standards of the allowed safety threshold standards with regard to the limitations in the RF emissions. Which then brings up the question of, why are the standards of limitation of radiation emission varying, when these products are sold to the whole world, to people who have equal chances of being harmed.


Shouldn’t what is to be considered potential harm in France hold equal weight in the rest of the world or rather shouldn’t the standards of measuring these emissions be the same?

The right thing to do for a billion dollar organisation like this one will be to acknowledge what they have now been made aware of, and communicate transparently that they will make protecting their users a number one priority, not quietly ignore and push the same product in other markets, while instructing their stuff to give vague statements to the concerned users (2). The issue should not simply be pushed aside as a case of technicalities in terms of French authorities methodologies of testing (13), and just solved with an update to that market only. For a company that has highly profited and became a global conglomerate that Apple is, there is a huge cooperate and social responsibility expected from them, and the health and well-being of their customers should be ranking high in their list of priorities, not pure profit and dismissing the customers concerns. Over and above the buyers of the products being adults, these products are now being used by children, either as their own or they are exposed to them in their homes and in school settings. It is well known that children absorb way more radiation than adults do (15), so when products that they are exposed to come under scrutiny, it should not only be a concern to buyers in certain markets, but the world over where these products reach.   


Non-Surprise in the Silence and a System Designed for Illusion

To say it is surprising that apple is choosing to instruct their employees to offer vague statements with regard to this issue will be an understatement. This does not surprise me at all because I have had a personal experience of dealing with abuse on apple products for a very long time, due to its ability to be overtaken by external users, to a point I ended up loosing my sick child, who together with me ended up sick over the exposure of radiation by Apple products. It has been a nightmare of three and half years with me trying to get help and even find a gateway to formally notify Apple and the authorities on this, with no gateway of success for this.


First, there seem to be no way of contacting Apple Inc, the mother company to take any serious grievances about their products from where I am. From my observation and experiences, i´ve come to conclude that it is designed to be so, so that the rhetoric of “no cases ever reported on the harms caused by mobile phones” continues to be maintained. Not only this, but it becomes impossible to report this when your every steps become monitored and communications monitored and sabotaged, because that’s what in turn happened to me when I stood up to report this. Apple has spread thousands of Apple dealerships throughout the world, where as their customer, one will think that will be the place where one goes to complain about their products or issues concerning safety and any harm they may cause or have caused. It is not, I say so because I have on many occasions tried to take my grievances to their dealerships, only to be told that they do not deal with those issues related to possible harm. I have been told I should take that up with Apple US, with no contact number given and only that I have to find the number online and call.  I have asked if they do not have a single office in Oslo where one can go to and repeatedly rejected on this, as the dealerships supposedly do not deal with those issues, nor could they take this up for me. I have been unsuccessful in reaching them by phone to report these issues, after several attempts frustrated intentionally and sabotaged through different channels of my communications means.


In short, they basically sell you a product, what happens to you with that product is none of their business, nor can you talk about it, lest you are ready to meet a never ending nightmare of deception and cruelty!!


As much as Apple got popular for their initial safety and security claims, which was in essence their selling point, as the non-hackable products and of no viruses, over the years those claims have come to be rebuked and it has been proven to be widely targeted by spywares (16) that can take over its system. Not only take over its system but ability for apps that the user did not consent to download to make way into these devices. They were on the top list of Pegasus hacks as the stories of Pegasus spyware infiltration in their iPhone 11 and 12 (17) broke immensely the world over in the June-July of 2021(18) after an investigation by a consortium of journalists Forbidden stories (19). As these stories were making headlines, I and my child were at the hight of the abuse and totally locked out of reaching for any help or even reporting my grievances about their products.


Apple having claimed to have fixed these flaws (20) after these reports, it could be assumed that would have been the time for them to want to tighten external access into their products judging by the harm done, instead, they turned around immediately after this, and introduced talks of an update that they claimed will be designed to give backdoor access our childrens phones (21) to authorities for them to be able to scan into their phones remotely. All this was being sold to the public under the pretext of “child abuse protection”, a proposal that was heavily criticised by human rights activists and tech analysts alike, among them were those who emphasised on the dangers and risks (22) that proposal raised on children, with some arguing that it had the potential to  harm children than help them (23).  


At the time, no one was asking or raising questions about the potential danger to children of carrying around devices that could be accessed remotely, or looking at the potential harm that a product that can be used without its users consent that emits electromagnetic radiation, could pose in these children, or at least that was my observation at the time. Though it is worth the mention that they all equally brought up a lot of valid reasons, from their respective perspectives as to why this proposal posed risks in to our children in other ways. Again, there is clear evidence and credible research is growing on the risks of RF children (24). I can confidently say that I have experienced the grave harm that far surpasses any argument for any good that can ever be brought to the table regarding why any child’s device should be accessed with no accountability as to how long this happens, and prove of the safety in doing so has been documented.


So it is a concerning issue when a phone that has been sold the world over to families, being quickly silenced with a potential update in one market. The iPhone 12 and previously 11 are not the only phones that Apple have faced scrutiny over. iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 (25) have been close to the top of this list of phones emitting the most radiation in the past, though it was claimed the subsequent new handsets from Apple have lower SARs, then the prove of the compromised on their iPhone 11 and 12 followed 2021. It worth mentioning that we began getting sick while using the iPhone 7, 8 and 11 respectively in our house, and watched in the background in my lock up as my child and I got progressively sick while the proposal to enter more childrens phones spread throughout the world.


A nightmare and unimaginable hell in attempts to speak about this

I can only speak for myself when I say that the finding out of the harms caused by these products is a dark world where once they realise the harm caused, the only option left for you is either a plan to lock you up in some psychiatric ward somewhere, for you to go and rot away, while your child gets taken into the hands of deception to go and destroy her life while you both get treated treated in secret, or you will have to look over your shoulder at all times as your life is now in danger, in attempts to silence you as a parent from ever talking about it. It is at this point where you enter into a world of absolute horror and see things for what they really are. There is nothing that is out of bounds to be done to you to violate you in every way (physical and emotional torture), while every attempt is done to hide the evidence of the sickness and harm caused on you. All of this while Apple continues its denial in world stages, introduces new ways to violate more children, and a stance of no evidence of any harm ever shown to have come from mobile phones by those who are supposed to protect our children maintained.


There are no bounds of the absolute cruelty that will be inflicted on you as a parent to silence you. Your life will be systematically destroyed all the way until even your livelihood is destroyed and you are left a destitute and homeless. From there, that will be used against you in custody courts as you battle to get your sick child back, who they took to coerce you into giving up on your quest for justice for your child. There are systems in place that will be used to inflict all kinds of cruelty on you as a parent to destroy you at all costs, while you are locked up technologically from even reaching any legitimate legal help, that is genuinely standing for your interests and those of your child. All this cruelty inflicted on you in the background by the very products that you paid for.


What we should be asking ourselves is, what else are these phones and their other products capable of doing and used for. I can only talk for myself when I say, in my case as i got more and more sick in my home, my Mac book was even used to radiate me to a point where I could not even stand in front of it and developed burn marks among other gruesome bodily injuries. In that very same spot that I developed these burn marks, I will later discover I had structural scoliosis on, injuries caused by these products. This was after my child was found with the same scoliosis injuries, and in the very sport my 8 years old child at the time was found with a tumour in November of 2021.


As recent as June 2023, I discovered her with what was evident burn marks in her chest, same as those I had previously acquired in my chest, in the very sport that her tumour was found in November 2021. This was a square burn right in the middle of her chest, injuries that looked nothing of organic nature, but rather of a precise and targeted burning in a perfect square measuring approximately 10 by 10 cm square. The worst thing was when I tried to report this to the authorities, as she was being taken out of the country on emergency travel papers, a few days after I discovered the burn marks. I was dismissed and told to go and report this to the same child protective authorities who have ran a deceptive skim in taking her away as we got sick. They provided emergency travel documents despite the fact that I as the child’s mother had been against this, for her to skip the country with burn marks.


Up to this day, I have been cast around like a ball systematically as everything is being done to hide her medical status and records, and I am watching a child that I raised sick of everything from a tumour/cyst, to flue that never ends, body and haematological changes that have been clear on her skin, developing MRSA wounds, flaky hair e.t.c and I am being portrayed as a nut case who is imagining what is in front of us. The only people carrying this view are the very organs who I went to asking for help for my child and i. Instead of working to protect her, they stood up to work in hiding this, and have captured the child into deception to protect these multinationals and themselves.  


To this day, have been refused full access into my own child’s medical records, and lied to on multiple occasions about the status of her health. The health issue is a dark story on its own that deserves its own article.


Not only was the Mac Book radiating me, as I was collecting evidence for my court case that was made up based on false premises, after my child was taken from me to silence me from ever talking about the harm we have incurred from these products, my MAC was remotely locked to make sure that I do not gain access to the important information/documents that are relevant to my court case as the case of absolute deception is climbing up in the ladders of courts. Unfortunately, when you reach into this darkness, there is no lawyer who will come to represent your case in honesty at the best of their ability. You will find that those you gravitate towards or them to you, are those whose sole aim is to destroy your case or divert your focus from the elephant in the room.


All this happened as I face a medical tyranny and deception out of proportions regarding mine and my child’s health. You see, when you have entered this world, everything becomes illusive, that’s how much power you are going against by simply speaking up for yourself. Even when you meet those that could have helped, you are constantly violated to manipulate your haematological parameters in the background, those who were supposed to help soon become just as illusive. With all this said, it is not my intention to bring disrepute to the medical and law professionals who do their jobs in all honesty and to the best of their abilities serving their clients and patients, because majority of these respected professionals are that, true professionals. I am merely pointing to the dark world I was not aware existed.


Enter the Life Insurance Dump

Concurrently as my child was getting out of her operation in May 2022, immediately after her tumour was operated and removed, and we were told it was nothing but a “cyst”, no longer a tumour (I have tumour /cysts stories of my own), I received a letter informing me of the fact that my bank was closing down its services of life insurance and moving it out of the country, and that all their customers insurance will be moved to a different insurance company of their choice. Of course, the new insurance came with more fine prints of diseases that will not be included, almost like any disease I could die of after exposure to radiation. The one that caught my eye was the lack of cover in case I had an operation in a private hospital or died of cardiovascular related diseases. I found the later to be quite peculiar as I have complained of heart disturbances as I began to get sick in August of 2021. I later got the shock of my life at the beginning of summer of 2023, when going through airport radio frequency-based security systems as they rang constantly as I passed through, passed and searched and passed again, still alarm bells ringing. Out of curiosity I asked to see what they were seeing behind their screen, right there in the sport where I had complained of pain for the longest time, right at the location of my heart was an emission of signals in the airport security monitors. No one followed this up or asked what it could be. This new phenomenon was not just airport security, even when I tried to go in shopping malls clothing stores that use RF based security systems, the alarms were buzzing.


To confirm the legitimacy of the insurance movement, I checked with the bank about this or so I believed I was talking to the bank. I say or so I believed I was talking to them because, I came to the realisation that some of the people who work within human rights and rights of children, who I have been communicating with via messaging services, I have suspect or rather conclude that it was not them on the other side of the communication. I made this conclusion because as soon as I insisted on visual communications, they cut communications with me. I confirmed the cessation of the life insurance policy offering via my bank website, as per the information on their website according to my searches on my home network. This said, I somehow never believed this story, but at the time I was too sick to follow this issue up. Recently when I have looked elsewhere, in a network that is not my home network or my devices, and consulted with this bank, i have seen that this bank still offers life insurances policies, they insure all family members including children under the age of 16, it is right there in their website, so I am yet to understand and find out how and why I am in a different insurance that the one I originally purchased. As of today I no longer have access to my original insurance documents on my online bank mail, documents I never removed or deleted. As much as I continue to pay my premiums I do not even know if my child will get anything from the insurance I have been paying for years should I meet my demise.


Freedom to Harm Systematically Granted

Apple can attempt and succeed in getting away with their defaulted hazardous products, they have organs that are willing to do the cover up work for them at every cost, while they continue denial of harm by mobile phones continues in the world stage, supported by health organs that deny these harms despite the mounting research. They can rely on weaponization of the justice system that is then utilised to perpetrate further abuse of outmost proportions, on those that have been harmed, like me who are then dragged in court cases of cruelty and deception, while unimaginable things are done in the background to sabotage the cases. All this while they destroy your livelihood to create an unfit parent out of you and find those who will collude with them along the way. Meanwhile, the Apple stock goes to the sky and the investors get paid out believing they are winning, while their children and ours are exposed to harm without even realising it. It is an ugly dark world of no mercy and cruelty beyond measure when you try to stand up against these things.


The painful thing about all these coverups is that, in these institutions that protect this industry, works people who in the grand scheme of things, I do not believe are fully aware of what they are participating in or protecting. Some do, but I am honestly convinced that some are in the darkness of the things that they are participating in protecting and covering up.


In Conclusion: Apple can and will get away with providing unsafe products if the consumers themselves do not stand up and follow-up on these issues of safety concerns when they are being raised. They have powerful organs in place to hide and protect the grievous harms caused by their products at all costs. What is inevitable is that, some of the users who have been exposed to these high levels of radiation from Apple products will eventually get sick, if some are not already. Their wide range of diseases (26), particularly cancers (27), and all the other diseases (28) that excessive exposure to RF causes will be attributed to everything that is not the iPhones that they were exposed to. The sick will eventually take the blame, Apple will go on to continue to be the largest company there is, with the blood of the users and probably of many others who have been abused to silence in the background, and some “probably” dead, never having gotten chance to tell their stories after they discovered the issues with these products. By then, no one will be interested in knowing what caused these when the pharmaceutical industry comes in to reap its profits.


What we should be asking ourselves as consumers and parents of young children who now use these products on a daily basis is, how much radiation harm are they exposed to from these products that are deemed as safe but unsafe in some markets? It will be interesting to see how this latest issue of the iPhone 12 ends, or if the one update in the French market will be seen as the solution to all.  The silence, denials or partial explanations by apple should not be merely accepted and swept aside when our children are exposed to their products daily in their everyday lives, from school to their homes. What can potentially hurt a French man can hurt an American or any other race in the world. To this day their products continue to be compromised by the same spywares (29) that they keep claiming to have patched the vulnerabilities of.  same issues of their products being up there in the amount of radiation emitted (iPhone 7 and 8), keeps coming back (iPhone 12), though they keep assuring the public they have fixed or sued. What we do not know is how much RF emersions the users are exposed to while their mobile phones are overtaken by external users.


All I can say is that, in my experience of trying to raise an alarm of the harm caused to us by Apple products, there is no cruelty tactic that can be spared in trying to silence you. It is nothing short of coming face to face with the devil, it is a hell you will never wish on anyone. All this while I watch the quest to maintaining the narrative that no harm has been proven

 to be caused by mobile phones unfolding right in front of us.


I’ve come to the realisation that maybe I will loose my life in this process, but as a mother, I cannot stand on the side while watching the abuse that has been done on us, especially on my young child, all for multinationals like this one to get a free pass to go and do more harm to more children, while the rhetoric of no evidence of harm has ever been proven to come from mobile phones, continues to go on. I have lost everything in this ordeal, up to my rented home which I am about to loose for the second time since this ordeal befell us. This as I accumulated a mountain of debts as I try to seek health care for myself and hopefully save my little girl. Lastly, maybe there is no recorded prove of harm caused by cell phones because those who try to stand up have met similar “misfortunes” like us in their attempts to bring awareness to this issue. If so, I have often asked myself, how many out there? All these horrors while Apple look the other way with illusive structures of reporting and accountability, while denials of the harm of RF by mobile phones continue by health organisations that almost seem like they have chosen to ignore research in this field in order to continue and maintain a denial stance to the unsuspecting public.


By Nayang Moses (18.09.2023)




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